Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Six Necessary Items for New York

As of yesterday I have been living in New York for one full week. While it doesn't sound like a long time, it feels like forever. I created a list of problems/issues and solutions I have encountered while living here (in no particular order).

1. Hand Sanitizer

I have never been a fan of hand sanitizer. The gels smell way too strong and reek of alcohol. It also makes your hands feel sticky. I always choose to wash my hands rather than use any type of hand sanitizer. After riding on so many subways though, I have finally changed my mind.

I borrowed Erica's Burt's Bees hand sanitizer and I actually like it. It is a spray so my hands do not feel sticky. Also, the smell is not overwhelming. Just pump it twice and your hands are clean, non-sticky and smell normal.

2. Blisters

Being from Texas I am used to being able to wear heels all the time and my feet never hurt. That is not possible in New York. I wore a new pair of heels out one night and now I have a horrible blister on my foot. After that I borrowed my friend Katey's Blister Blocker. It had made such a difference. It puts a protective layer on your heel to prevent blisters.

3. Heels VS Wedges

Before I moved here I bought two new pairs of heels. While I love the heels, I should have either gotten a shorter heel or bought wedges instead. Wedges are much more practical to wear around the city and do not hurt your feet near as much. Here is a cute pair of Steve Madden wedges I want to purchase when I save up enough money (size 6 1/2 in case anyone is curious haha).

4. Starbucks Chocolate Smoothies

Since I have no job, I have been having to be extremely tight with my money. This can be hard when I feel hungry all the time from all the walking all over the city. I have found that the Chocolate Smoothies from Starbucks are healthy (270-300 calories) and keep me full for for about two meals which helps me save money ($4.87). I have been trying to limit myself to buying only 2-3 a week to save money, but it's hard because I enjoy them so much.

5. Deodorant 

July in New York city is no time to skimp on deodorant. While the weather may feel ok outside sometimes, wait until you are in the metro station waiting for your subway. I have had many instances where I swear people who were sitting next to me got up and moved because I smelt so bad. I feel the need to constantly reapply. (Don't ever feel embarrassed to carry it with you and reapply while in the bathroom.)

I usually use Secret Clinical Strength Water Proof, but I don't feel like it has been working as well lately. I don't know if your body can become immune to a deodorant, but if it can, mine has. It used to be great, but maybe it's just that no deodorant can withstand the heat of the city.

6. Calluses 

Walking in New York is not optional. Even though you may strengthen your body's endurance, you can't prevent calluses from forming on your feet. I got a pedicure right before I moved to the city and calluses have already formed on the bottoms of my feet. My roommate bought a pumice stone for her feet the other day that can alleviate this problem. 

I've only been here a week and I feel that I have learned so much. I can't wait to see what it will be like after living here a month. If you plan to visit New York or any other big city in the future, hopefully these tips will help you!


  1. BIGGIE!!! Okay so this is our little secret, you and kelsey are the only ones who know that I actually have a blog! haha BUT I had to follow my big...how could I not!?!? LOVE you!!! xoxo

  2. you should add an oversized tote on this list so you can carry around your whole life to avoid having to run home to get something.

  3. as far as hand sanitizer goes, go to bath & body works and get their mini hand sanitizers. they smell delicious and are a great size for your purse!