Monday, July 25, 2011

First Day at My New Job

After taking a 30 minute subway ride and stopping to get my usual fix at Starbucks, I arrived at my first day of work at 9:30am. I met with HR and received my very own employee id. One of it's perks is it allows me to see any of the museum's exhibits for free and receive 25% off at the bookstore.

My job is not what most people expect when you tell them you work at an art museum. The only art I saw all day was in the room I walk through to get to the the elevator to go up to my floor. My desk isn't bad though. I have a window view, a large desk and two computer screens. I spent most of my day inputting data for several events the museum is holding this fall. I also went through lists, edited them and invited many high profile people in the city to several events. It was interesting to see how all the behind the scenes work takes place.

When I got off work it was raining and of course I forgot my umbrella. I walked 4 avenues and 4 blocks in the rain getting soaking wet before I reached the subway station. I partially dried out on the subway ride home and then walked back out in the rain and became soaked all over again.

On my walk home I decided it was going to be a pj's and pint of ice cream kind of night. I bought Ben & Jerry's Banana Split ice cream. It was absolutely delicious! It was a great ending to a semi long day.

I received a few small gifts in the mail from my mom today, one of my best friends Alexa is moving to New York tomorrow and I get paid on Thursday for my job last week. This week is already looking up! I can't wait to see what else this week has to offer.

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  1. The first of many blogs I am in! Can't wait to see you TOMORROW!!