Monday, July 18, 2011

A Relaxing Sunday in Manhattan

Today was a very relaxing day. It was the first day we didn't have to go looking at apartments and it was amazing. Erica and I lounged around and didn't leave the apartment until 5:30pm.

Erica and I went to church at Apostles in Union Square at 6:00pm ( There were guest speakers so I can't really judge if I'm going to like it or not by tonight. We want to go a few more times to get a good feel for it. The service was held in a beautiful church. The only problem is they don't have central A/C so it was extremely hot today. Hopefully as fall comes around it will be much cooler.

In the park across the street from the church

After church we went and met up with Tyler and his roommate at Pier 84 along the Hudson Bay. There was a live band and free dance lessons. Dance Manhattan holds this on Sundays during the summer. Each weekend is a different style of dancing and a different band. Check out to view the calendar.

Even if you don't want to dance the area is very family friendly. There is a small lawn where people can take blankets and food to relax and listen to the bands. Also the view of the Hudson River at sunset is absolutely beautiful. When the weather is nice like it was today, it can be a great date spot or a nice place to meet up with friends.

Kids playing in the fountain by the pier

New Jersey skyline

The band

A navy ship by the pier


After listening to salsa music, we were in desperate need for Mexican food. Erica and I were very leery to eat Mexican food north of Texas, but Tyler assured us he found a place that was close and had great reviews on the Four Square iPhone app ( Tulcingo Del Valle Restaurant is located at 655 10th Avenue in Hell's Kitchen (


We got there about 15 minutes before the kitchen closed so the waitress was not extremely happy with us. We looked over the decently priced meal and decided on our meals.

We ordered chunky guacamole as an appetizer ($8.95). I was impressed it tasted so good. The color was the typical bright green with the pit in it for freshness. The onions and tomatoes were uniformly sized. The taste of cilantro was present, but not overwhelming. It needed a little bit more cilantro, some lime juice, salt and pepper to make it perfect.


Obviously those tiny things missing didn't keep us from eating all of it. All four of us ate it until all the chips were gone.


I ordered the chicken nachos as my entree ($6.95). They were topped with sliced tomatoes and jalapenos which I thought was odd. Normally you will find those diced on the side. The chicken was cut up into small pieces which made it easier to eat each nacho. They were covered with cheese and beans which to me is the best.

Chicken Nachos

Tyler ordered the chicken burrito ($7.95). It was huge and delicious. The burrito was filled to the max with rice, beans, tomatoes, chicken, and onions. I only wish the onions would have been slightly sauteed so they weren't as crunchy. They reminded me of the onions in Taco Bell's burritos. 

Chicken Burrito

Our friend Chis ordered the Mole ($12.95). We both agreed that it was not very good. If you go here, I do not suggest that you order it.


The over all meal was good. If you are ever in New York City and are in desperate need of some Mexican food that's not a chain, I suggest that you go to Tulcingo's. You even get Chicklets when you pay, so if everything I told you hasn't convinced you, that should. 

After leaving the restaurant, I was full. While my craving for Mexican food had been successfully suppressed, I quickly recognized the bloated feeling that it leaves you with afterwards. Luckily in New York you walk everywhere so that made me feel better. 

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