Thursday, July 21, 2011

My New Sushi Restaurant

My day started out amazing because I caught up on all my needed sleep this morning. I left my apartment around noon to meet up with my friend Melissa for lunch. When she told me it was a sushi restaurant near Times Square, I was immediately skeptical. Normally anything near there is a tourist trap and not very good. She promised me it was delicious and had excellent lunch specials.

I arrived at Aijsai around 12:30. When I saw the outside I was still leery, but I went on inside. I saw Melissa at the back of the restaurant and went and sat with her. I was surprised by how clean and nice the place actually was. I opened the menu to the back page to find an incredible lunch menu. They had a whole page of different lunch combinations for very reasonable prices.

Melissa decided on ordering 3 sushi rolls (6 pieces per roll) for $12 and I order 2 rolls for $9.00. Both of our meals included Miso soup and salad as well.

The service was very prompt. They immediately brought out our soup and salad. I'm not a huge Miso soup fan, but this one wasn't that bad. The salad was good, but kinda difficult to eat. All of the dressing was poured on top and since the bowl was so small it was hard to mix it up. After eating a little bit it was easier to mix everything together.

The sushi was pretty good too. I can't eat raw food (the texture freaks me out), so I ordered the California and Tempura Shrimp rolls (don't make fun of me). They were small in size and not tightly wrapped so they fell apart a little too much for me. Melissa's were fine though and stayed in tact the whole time. I forgot to take a picture of them but they were good. Next time I want to try the Chicken Teriyaki meal for $7.50.

While I desperately miss Teriyaki Park in Waco, I think Aijsai may become one of my new regular sushi stops. If you are ever near this area, it is located at 615 9th Avenue between 43rd and 44th.

Click here to view their full menu:

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