Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Random Things I've Learned

New York City is completely different from any city I have ever lived in. That is probably one of my favorite things about it. I feel like it's a new adventure each day. I am constantly learning new things and meeting interesting people. While I am aware that I haven't really lived here very long, I do feel like I have gathered a semi-decent amount of knowledge about the city. Here are some things I learned the hard way and some the easy way:

Having to find an apartment and move in New York is the worst thing ever, especially when you don't have a car. 
Always carry an umbrella with you because the Weather Channel is never accurate.
Food truck carts are lifesavers at 3:00am.
When people say it's expensive to live here, they really aren't exaggerating. 
Good Mexican food doesn't exist here. 
Don't go out in expensive neighborhoods unless you plan on finding a guy to buy your drinks all night.
NEVER order a frozen margarita here. 
It's better to pass out on a friends couch than to have to walk 20 blocks home in heels.
Walking is often times quicker than taking the subway.
Club promoters are fun because you get free drinks, but then you're stuck hanging out with random girls all night and that's never fun.
Always carry cash on you.
Don't wear heels out if you plan on walking everywhere. 
Finding a laundromat is not as easy as you would think in my neighborhood.
Happy Hour deals are a must on a limited budget.
Having a living room is not optional when you're sharing a one bedroom.
Brunch with unlimited drinks is the best thing ever.
Coffee is necessary to function at work.
If possible, have an apartment with a doorman.
Avoid Times Square at all costs, unless you enjoy being surrounded by people who don't know where they are going and walk slow.

While none of this is pertinent information, I have found it makes life easier when you know what to watch out for. Finding it out the hard way can sometimes lead to a great story in the end though.

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