Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Greenwich Village

My friend Heather shared with me how she learned the city. Each weekend she and her friend would pick a neighborhood and explore it for the day. They would find a place to eat brunch, shop and just stroll along the streets. I decided I loved this idea and wanted to do it as well. The other weekend my friend Alexa and I choose to spend the day in Greenwich Village.

We decided this as we were eating brunch by my apartment, but figured we could always find other things to do in the neighborhood. As we got off the subway, we began exploring the cute little shops around the area. We began browsing through one shop that had hilarious birthday cards and interesting/random little knickknacks.

Across the street I saw the restaurant A Salt & Battery. I immediately knew it had been on some Food Network show and looked it up on my iPhone app (yes I realize that's kinda pathetic). It has been on "The Best Thing I Ever Ate: Totally Unexpected" for their deep fried candy bars and "Throwdown with Bobby Flay: Fish & Chips." Since Alexa and I were too full for fish and chips, we decided the deep fried candy bar was a must. I mean after all we are from Texas and believe anything deep fried automatically tastes better.

The store was very simple and small with only one row of bar stools to sit at. We looked on the menu and instantly found the deep fried candy bar. There were three different choices and we hadn't even heard of two of the candy bars.

I asked the guy which one was the best and he said he preferred the Lion Bar. I told him we would take one. After a few minutes it was ready and looked delicious.

Since it had just come out of the fryer, it was extremely hot. While Alexa waited for her half to cool down, I ate mine piping hot.

Absolutely amazing! It was crunchy and chocolaty and made me feel like I was at the county fair. We were instantly in love and if we hadn't been so full, we would have ordered another. We plan to go back soon to try their fish and chips and of course another deep fried candy bar.

Afterwards we strolled around the streets of Greenwich Village and decided to try different happy hours. Each time we passed a place with a decent one, we would pop in and have one drink and then move on to the next. We found some places with decent drinks and we also found some of the worst frozen margarita I have ever had in my life. We also met some very interesting people along the way.

Overall I would say it was a very successful day and can't wait for our next neighborhood exploration.

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