Thursday, October 13, 2011

My First Day Off

Since I started working both jobs, I have been working seven days a week, every week. I have not had a single day off since then and if it wasn't for Columbus Day, I would have had one until November. Luckily for me the museum was closed on Columbus Day though.

As soon as I found out I had the day off, I told myself I was going to be selfish and do whatever I wanted to do. It was going to be a complete "me day." I began making a list of everything I wanted to do and places I wanted to go.

I immediately knew I wanted to go shopping since I haven't been able to since I moved here. My list became so long that I knew there was no way I would ever be able to do all of it in one day. I also realized that in order to get even half of it done, I was not going to be able sleep in like I had planned.

Sunday night I prioritized my list of places to shop and things I would like to do. I set my alarm for 8:30am and went to sleep early so I would be full of energy for my exciting day off.

Normally I don't really venture too far out with my wardrobe. Many times I will think things look way too out there for me or that it's cute, but I couldn't pull it off. Since moving to New York my perspective has changed. I am more open to trying on new things and not so worried about what I look like when I go out. Because let's be honest, I always know there will be someone else in this city who is dressed weirder/worse than I am. So I was determined to try on all sorts of things and go with whatever I liked.

I woke up, got ready and immediately walked up to 80th to check out a new store on Madison Avenue, Joe Fresh. It is from Canada and just opened last week. I went in and instantly began to find items I loved. I had a sales associate going through the entire store and pulling all sorts of clothes for me to try on. It was absolutely amazing. I felt like I had my own personal shopper. I found several things I liked there and bought items I typically wouldn't buy. For example, I bought some leggings with a leather stripe going down the side. I ended up with two new outfits and continued on my way.

I walked down Madison Avenue going in different stores I thought looked interesting. After a while, I wandered over to Lexington where the stores were more affordable and I got a few staples items like socks and face wash along the way.

When I reached 59th street, I wandered into Bloomingdale's wanting to buy new jeggings. As I walked around I decided to splurge on some new lipstick and perfume. About ten minutes after my two purchases, I had immediate buyer's remorse. I freaked out about how much I spent on those two items, when really I could have bought clothes instead. I went back downstairs and returned both of the items. I felt bad because both women were highly annoyed when I returned the items. While normally I would feel too bad to do this, I didn't care because I knew I would never see them again. (I think part of this has come from me living in New York.)

I wandered down to 42nd and the Grand Central Station area and continued to shop. I bought some new brown boots and more clothes. As I was on my way to J Crew to actually buy clothes I could wear to work (part of the original shopping plan), I realized I didn't need to spend any more money and that it was already 6:00pm and I was supposed to pull something out of the freezer for Erica two hours ago.

Too exhausted to walk the hour and a half back to my apartment, I hopped on the subway extremely happy with my purchases. While there was a lot I kept myself from buying and much more I still didn't even get to look at, I had a wonderful day. There are already a few things I plan on going back to buy this weekend and other stores I want to check out.

My two jobs are finally paying off and being able to see the rewards makes it that much easier to go to work each day. Since I can't really wear my new clothes to either job, I have to find time/energy to go out on the weekends with my friends so I have somewhere to wear them to!

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