Monday, September 12, 2011

Take Me Out to the Ballgame

A few weeks back I bought Alexa tickets for her birthday since we both love sporting events, and Alexa and I were excited since it was our very first Mets game. They were playing the Cubs, so we figured it should be a decent game (not that we follow the Cubs to know if they are actually any good). The tickets were for this past Friday night. While neither one of us are huge fans of the Mets (actually we aren't really fans at all), we really enjoyed it.

We took the 7 train out to the second to last stop in Queens. The stadium was so nice and huge (like most stadiums). We found our seats along the far end of the third base line. Our section wasn't full so we moved closer to the front for a better view. 

We cheered, laughed at the guys' ghetto dancing in front of us, smiled at the little kids trying to catch fly balls and pretended to be Mets fans for the night. During the 5th inning we decided it was time to eat the obligatory stadium food. Both of us agreed even if you showed up to a baseball game stuffed, you somehow always craved a hot dog or some other over priced food. 

We walked the entire third level and didn't see anything we wanted to eat, so we decided to go down to the food court area at field level. There was a Shake Shack, Blue Smoke, a taqueria place and more. While all of it looked good, we both decided in the end we wanted a hot dog and ice cream. We walked back up to the third level and ordered our food. 

We were standing behind the seats eating and realized this section had a better view so we went and sat in some empty seats along the first base line. While we were sitting there, these two young boys in front of us kept taking pictures of these two guys and finally went and met them. Later we found out the two guys were Snoop Dog's body guards. How those boys knew that, I have no clue.

We left at the top of the 8th inning so we would miss the mad rush to the subway. We found out on the subway the Mets ended up beating the Cubs. While we weren't converted to Mets fans, they did provide a very entertaining game. We decided though the next baseball game we go to has to be a Yankees game. 

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