Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Cocktail Tasting

Last week I was looking around on the internet I found a cocktail tasting at Crush. Each week they have different wines or liquors featured and offer people to come and sample them for free.

This past Thursday was a cocktail tasting to celebrate the end of summer. Alexa, her mom, Erica and I decided to try it out. We figured if we didn't like it or it was too crowded, all we had to do was leave and go to a bar nearby. 

Even though the event was free, I had to RSVP for it which I thought was odd. We arrived a little before 6:00 and signed in. They featured four different types of cocktails: The Blue Bandit, The New Old Fashinoned, Denizen Daiquiri Derivatives, and a Mayahuel Melon.

The Blue Bandit was made with Bluecoat Gin and Bar Keep Lavender Spice bitters. I have never had bitters before and found it to be interesting. It tasted like I was sucking on a Lemon Drop. It wasn't horrible, but I didn't want to get another on either.

The Mayahuel Melon was made with an agave tequila (the guy explained the difference, but I don't remember). The presentation was very pretty and the mint garnish was very strong. Our favorite part was the watermelon at the bottom of the glass.

I had one sip of the New Old Fashinoned and immediately poured it out. It had whiskey in it, so that is why I probably instantly disliked it. Alexa had been dying to try one though and enjoyed it more than I did.

The Denizen Daiquiri Derivatives had an option between four different bitters: Apple Bake, Thai, Raspberry and I don't remember the last one. I chose the apple bitters and thought it tasted like an apple pie. Alexa didn't seem to think so though.

While we weren't overly impressed by any of the drinks, the alcohol infused chocolate they had was amazing. They had three different kinds: Prosecco, Absinthe and Whiskey. My favorite was the Prosecco infused chocolate.

The cocktail tasting didn't introduce us to any drinks we would ever make at home or order at a restaurant, but it was fun. It was nice to be able to try drinks I normally wouldn't order and taste new kinds of alcohol. They also have a wine tasting this month we are already planning to attend. Hopefully we will like the wines more than the cocktails.  

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