Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Finally Employed!!

Last week I became more serious about applying for jobs. After accepting I that might have to work retail, I picked the places I was most likely to spend money at and applied there. I figured if I was going to spend money there anyways, I might as well get a discount too. Later in the week I also had a meeting with a new recruiter and an informational interview at The MET. I decided I was going to do everything I could to find a job.

Long story short, I had five interviews set up over a week. The Met didn't have any permanent positions to offer me, but a temporary job in the special events department was in the process of being approved as I met with the head of HR. (Which was a sign since I scheduled my interview two weeks ago and that day was the earliest she could see me.) She offered me the position right away and said if anything permanent became available, I could apply for it at anytime and be highly considered with my previous experience there. (Plus anyone I have shown my resume to has already been impressed that I worked there, so this can only help me later on.) She said the position would start sometime this coming week depending on when the approval went through. 

After my meeting there I was on my way to another interview when the General Manager at Tory Burch (whom I interviewed with the day before) called me and asked if I was available to go meet with someone at their corporate office. Fortunately it was close by where I was, so it worked out perfectly. 

After my third/final interview of the day, The Met called to inform me that the position was approved and I could start Monday. I was so torn about what to do since I had another interview on Tuesday with a hedge fund and didn't know what Tory Burch was going to offer me. 

The thought of turning down potential full-time interviews/positions for a part-time one was not an easy feeling. On the other hand, I was aware if I turned it down, there was no guarantee I would get the other positions. Also, I knew that I wouldn't be able to live off of the Tory Burch positions salary alone. It was like the cliché "a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush."

After talking to my dad and praying about it, I decided God had lined everything up for me to take the position at The Met. I decided that this opportunity could only open more doors for me down the road. Plus they said they would give me a week off for Christmas to go home to Texas which is not common here. 

I had been waiting to hear back from Tory Burch and was hesitant on whether I would get the job or not because apparently it's a lot harder to get sales associate positions there then I knew. I don't meet half the requirements and don't have this "book" that is required of employees. (Honestly I didn't even know what the book was, but didn't want to tell her that. Later I found out it was a book of clients you would bring to the store.) I had a good feeling though since at my interview the lady told me she liked me from the moment she met me.

The lady at Tory Burch finally called me Sunday evening to tell me she would like to offer me the full-time position. I told her I would only be able to work part-time and with my availability she didn't know if that would be possible. She said she would have to call her superior to discuss it. I told myself if God wanted me to have both jobs I would get it, if not she would tell me I couldn't be part-time. Well she called me back about 10 minutes later and told me they wanted me to be a part of their team so much they would work with my schedule and offered me the position!

I am aware being a temp and sales associate after college are not necessarily the greatest jobs ever, but I am so excited. I absolutely LOVE Tory Burch, the discount is going to be awesome and I get an allotted employee wardrobe which is so exciting!! Tory herself is in there all the time so I will have the opportunity to work with her which is AMAZING. I will be able to walk to both jobs from my apartment and it will help me financially. The museum is awesome and I already know I love working there. Also, I will be able to attend any event held at The Met and meet all the cool people they invite.

I know I am probably crazy for wanting to work 60 hours a week and one of the jobs is in retail, but right now I'm so thankful and excited. It will be exhausting and in three weeks there is a good chance I will write a blog about how I don't know what I was thinking, but for right now I'm going to enjoy it.

My dad made the observation of how my life had changed so much in just a week. When I stopped and thought about that statement, I was amazed at how God always provides and knows what is best better than I do. I believe this position will definitely teach me more than I realize and I have this feeling something amazing I can't even imagine right now will come out of it. Also, now when I attend all the events at The Met I know I'll at least show up fashionable!

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