Thursday, November 3, 2011

Waco Bound

Today I leave for Waco and I'm beyond excited!! It's Baylor's Homecoming weekend and everyone is going to be in town. I have been looking forward to this more than I can explain to any of you. I land today in Austin at 12:15pm and will be in town until Sunday evening. (Sidenote: to those of you who helped me be able to afford this trip, I am truly grateful. I cannot begin to describe how much it means to me! Thank you.)

While living in Waco, I never once thought I would miss it, but somehow I do. Actually it's more like I miss my friends and a few restaurants. My list of things I want to do consists of the following, plus whatever else happens to come up while I'm there (in no particular order):

 Piano Man
 Ninfa's happy hour with Melodie and Kathryn
 Lunch at Teriyaki Park with Michelle
  Hanging out with all the boys
 Jimmy John's with Cami (perfect hangover food) 
Hanging out at George's and drinking Big-O's with Haley, Michelle and Dana
  Driving around jamming out to music with Haley
 Scruff's (duh)
 Dinner with my beautiful AXO family line
 Tailgating and the football game
 Brunch (I'll definitely need a few Bloody Mary's this weekend)
Being reunited with all my friends (obviously)
Taco Z late night with Blake
 Staying up all night and laying in bed talking with Haley
 Walking around campus
Ranting about dumb stuff with Alex
and much, much more.

Yes- I realize I have a pretty extensive list and will only be there for four days. I figure it's a good possibilty that some of this won't happen. I'm just going to go and have the most fun I possibly can and not worry or stress about anything. (I have already told myself I'm not going to let anything or anyone ruin/put a damper on this trip, I'm too excited.) No matter what I do or who I hang out with, I know this weekend is going to be amazing!

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