Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Too Busy to Keep Up

I know I am a complete slacker and haven’t written a post in forever- sorry!! I have been so busy since I returned from Waco, I haven’t had time. I was waiting to find my camera cord so I could upload pictures, but that doesn’t seem to be happening anytime soon. Also, I don’t really have time to write up my blog at work anymore, so that’s another reason I’m behind. I’ll just give you a quick update on my life and try to write more this week.
Homecoming was absolutely amazing!! I got to see tons of old friends, the beautiful Baylor campus, and eat amazing food.  I caught up with my best friends and went to every happy hour I could. I drank more margaritas and ate more Mexican food than I have since I moved to New York, and it was heavenly. Scruff’s was packed all weekend as expected, but it was a blast once we got inside. Tailgating was fun and the game was amazing. I cheered, drank and cheered some more. I didn’t get very much sleep hanging out with my friends all night and the time change causing me to wake up so early.
A few of my favorite highlights include: a group of us hanging out at George’s and going to Piano Man; hanging out with the guys at 9th every chance I got (they didn’t really have a choice, I basically would just show up whenever I felt like it); having late night chats with Haley like we used to when we lived together; getting ready for the game, and tailgating with all my friends.
While Waco was amazing, I was ready to get back to NYC. I was shocked how much I missed the city. I missed walking the streets and all the noise that comes with it. I flew back Sunday night and my mom flew in Monday night to come visit. I had two days off from work before I started my new job, so it worked out perfectly. She cleaned my apartment and washed all my clothes, which I was so appreciative of. I showed her the Met, Tory Burch, my neighborhood and several other places around the city. We ate amazing food and had a great time. I’m glad she was finally able to get a sense of what my life is like here.
This past Monday was my first day at my new job and so far I absolutely love it! The people I work with are so welcoming and very inclusive. I get along great with my team and enjoy what I do. Even though it takes me about 45 minutes to get to work, I love the new neighborhood my office is located in. It’s on Houston Street and I walk through SoHo to get there. I never really come down to this part of the city, so it’s nice to see new places. Hopefully since I don’t work as much now, I’ll have time to explore the area more in the future.
Today is my birthday, and if you know me, I have already started celebrating. My brother is coming in town in time for my birthday dinner in Greenwich Village. Luckily I only have to work today and tomorrow, so I can’t wait to show him around the city and celebrate my birthday and Thanksgiving with. We are going to have so much fun together. I’ll write more about my birthday, my job and my brother’s trip later this week, don’t worry. J

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